Hebrews 1:9

“You have loved righteousness and hated wickedness; therefore, God, your God, has anointed you with oil of gladness beyond your companions.”

What is the psalmist trying to tell us? This is a psalm about King David, but it is also a psalm about the spiritual King David, Jesus the Messiah. The oil of gladness is a wonderful verbal picture. If only there was such an oil available to us in our local stores. Having a bad day? Rub on a little oil of gladness. In this case, the Son God is given an abundance of this oil. God is so pleased with Him and what He has accomplished.

The Son God could have chosen evil and not good. He could have obeyed the voice of Satan and not His father. He chose righteousness. He hated wickedness. This is extreme. No lukewarmness in the Son. Jesus was all in as God’s voice and representative, which meant He had to despise wickedness and embrace righteousness to the fullest. Those who do that are going to receive a reward.

Task for Today: You have to make a choice as well. Those two ways of life are still out there for the sons of God to chose from. You can choose wickedness or righteousness. You can’t make a so so choice either. Notice that the choice is love and hate. Like serving two masters. You must decide which you will love and which you will hate. Choose. Love righteousness and hate wickedness or reverse them. What is your decision today?

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