Hebrews 1:10

“And, You, Lord, laid the foundation of the earth in the beginning, and the heavens are the work of your hands;”

This references back to verse two, where we were told that the Son created the world. Creation was the work of the Word. Nothing was made without the Word, the Son, John tells us. Look at how the writer is using the psalms to create this picture of the Son of God who is and was the final spokesperson from God.

Men marveled at the wonders and signs done by Jesus when He walked on the earth and shared the father’s message with men. Now we know how those miracles were possible. The one who gave sight to the blind gave light to the world. The man who multiplied bread created the grain from which the bread came. No wonder the winds and seas obeyed Him. They knew who He was. They recognized their creator.

The creation is unbelievably complicated. Man does not nor can he grasp it all. Our knowledge of how the world works is so limited, and even in that ignorance, we deny the creator. The more we learn about the created universe, the more we realize that we know little. It is beyond our understanding; we cannot even imagine it. (I recommend reading The History of Trees.)

Task for Today: What a mighty God we serve. Do you accept Him as the creator of everything, including yourself? This is a good day to reread the first couple of chapters in Genesis. Think about the one who is bringing you the latest information from God. Who is this messenger? Can you say more than Jesus? Say God speaks to me today through His Son, who is also God.

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