Hebrews 1:3

“He is the radiance of the glory of God and the exact imprint of his nature, and he upholds the universe by the word of his power. After making purification for sins, he sat down at the right hand of the Majesty on high.”

Our writer takes us into a little theology in verse three. The glory of God is shown in Jesus. He is God in fleshly form and because of that reflects the glory of God. He is so like God that their natures are identical to each other. God is God, and Jesus is God, and they are alike in every respect. Jesus told the disciples that if they had seen him, they had seen God. He was serious when he said it. This book will follow this line until it sees Jesus in heaven on the throne sharing in the rule of the world.

The second part of this verse is also deep theology. First, we were told that this Son was the creator of the world. Now we are made to understand that he is also the one who maintains the universe. We often hear people talk about laws of nature and natural laws and such. The only law at work in this world is the powerful word of Jesus, the Son of God. Everything that happens in and to this world are a result of his word. It is a mistake to blame “mother nature” or plain nature for that matter for things we don’t like in the same way we shouldn’t credit nature for things we do. Nothing goes on on this planet or in this universe without Jesus say so. He controls the rain, the wind, the weather, and everything else that is a part of “nature.”

Mankind likes to think he is responsible for the climate and the weather. If the world warms, mankind wants to take credit even if they think it’s a bad thing. We can only affect what Jesus allows. We can’t stop the heat or the cold. We can’t make it rain or drought. We can’t raise the temperature of the world, nor can we lower it.  We can’t harness the wind or hold back the snow. We are powerless over eruptions and earthquakes. We cannot change the orbit of the planets or the action of the stars. Our ability to make a mess of things is also limited even though we think we are in control (or out of it as the case may be).

The last part of the verse launches us into the major message of this book. Jesus is the high priest who offered the final sin offering for sinners. Once he did that, his work on earth was finished. He then moved into the heavens from whence he had come to sit at the ruling hand of God. That is where he still is today. He is still ruling today. Those who have been purified by his offering will one day be allowed to go to that heaven and live with him.

Task for Today: Keep in mind today who is who. You can pound your fist against the heavens, but you cannot avail against God. Jesus is God come to earth, returned to heaven, and still in control of what he created. Give him credit. Give him glory and praise and honor and give him your heart that he might also uphold it by his great power.

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