Psalm 135:18

“Those who make them become like them, so do all who trust in them.” (Psalm 135:18)

This is a profound verse. If we are not careful, we might miss its impact. The subject, of course, is the making of idols. Idols are made by humans not the other way around. This means that idols are made like humans in some way. They must be so as humans are incapable of creating something out of nothing and this includes concepts and ideas. Humans cannot visualize nor form that which did not previously exist is some other shape or form. Just look at all the various things that have been labeled idols.

Beyond that first premise is the knowledge that no idol can be made superior to the one who makes it except in the makers own mind. Idols then are made to do the work of their worshippers and their so call actions and purposes are actually those of the idol builder.

Notice the difference in God’s creation. He is superior and created without previous models to copy. He controls the destiny of His creation rather than the created one. Think for a moment how that reflects on the second part of the verse. Those who trust in idols become more and more inferior like the idols. While God pulls His creation up, the idol brings the creator down.

The truth is that those who worship become like the one worshiped. No idol made by mankind can lift you higher than the man who made it. No idol can give you more knowledge than the man who made it. No idol can improve your status above the status of the one who made it.

This is the bottom line: “…nor is there any breath in their mouths.” Get it. Forget the other stuff I wrote. Idols are death. They do not bring life. Only God can breathe life into a human.

Task for Today: Ask a simple question of yourself. Do I want to live or die, not just on this earth but eternally? If the answer is live, then give your idol up.

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