Psalm 134:3

“May the Lord bless you from Zion, he who made heaven and earth.” (Psalm 134:3)

When I read this verse, it reminds me that I often am looking for blessings from the earth, not heaven. It reminds me that God promised to open the windows of heaven to rain blessings down on His people. Yet here we are, so often, counting our earthly blessings. My house, my car, my job, my health, and on and on we go, listing the things of earth we have.

Why do we think this is the window of heaven? Stuff? More stuff? New stuff? Better stuff? Would we know a spiritual blessing if it hit us in the face? Can we say that we honestly know the difference between things of this world and things of the world to come?

Consider that God made both heaven and earth. That in itself was a blessing, and it was such a good blessing. What about the cross? What about new life? What about forgiveness of all our sins and sin? What about the place in heaven itself? Are we really more interested in cars, houses, jobs and all the other “blessings?”

Task for Today: Ask the Lord to bless you and don’t mention an earthly possession or long life on earth. Give it some thought. What spiritual blessing would you like for God to give you? Ask, He gives good gifts.

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