Psalm 129:4

“The Lord is righteous; he has cut the cords of the wicked.” (Psalm 129:4)

What is meant by righteous? Is it the quality of being right? If being righteous is being right and by that, we understand right all the time, then to be righteous as applied to God means He is never wrong. Never wrong in what He says and never wrong in what He does.

Absolute rightness. Total truth. No shadow or turning. The same today and tomorrow and through eternity. God has always been a doer of the right and a punisher of the wrong. Because the wicked are wrong, they cannot stand against His righteousness. Like light vanishes darkness, so righteousness dismisses wrongness.

When you deal with God, you have no question as to rightness or wrongness. God has proven this for thousands of years. He always does what is right. People look around them and see the wicked and the results of wickedness and ask questions about God’s reaction. They think God should do this and God should do that and maybe He isn’t God if the wickedness is allowed to exists.

In their mind, God must not be righteous Himself if He allows unrighteousness. Not true. Understand the psalmist. God does the right thing all the time and in so doing has set the fate of the wicked. Believe it. Right wins and wrong loses in the end.

Task for Today: You can choose today to trust God or not. If you decide to trust Him then who must believe that He will do what is right by you, every single day of your life. Because He is always right and never wrong, He has your back in a way no one else can. Today, now, turn it all over to Him.

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