Psalm 118:1

“Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; for his steadfast love endures forever.” (Psalm 118:1)

The same sentiment isn’t it. This is the last of the Hallel psalms, and like the previous one, it ends as it begins. Thank God. Why? Because His love endures forever. He is always there to help us and never fails to help us. He is our strength and our source of salvation. He is God, the only true God and because of all, He has done we should shower Him with thanks.

Whatever we have we can thank God for it. It is also highly possible that we should thank Him for some things we don’t have. We know what we want, God knows what we need. We need to be thankful that He gives us what we need.

The major thing to keep in mind is that when God does give it is to the extent of what is needed and beyond. His blessings are overflowing; the windows of heaven opened, and good things poured out.

Task for Today: Learn to recognize the difference between the abundance of God’s gifts to meet your needs and your possible disappointment at the lack of what you want. Trust God in this. When God doesn’t give you something, you want badly that doesn’t mean you are not loved or that God thinks you don’t deserve it. No, it means God knows what is in your best interest even if you don’t. Abraham was right when he said, “Will not the God of all the earth do right?”


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