Psalm 117:1

“Praise the Lord, all nations! Extol him, all peoples!” (Psalm 117:1)

The Hallel continues. Praise the Lord begins and ends the 117th Psalm. Praise the Lord is what Hallel is all about. And why praise the Lord? Praise the Lord because of His steadfast love and His faithfulness. God’s love for humanity is constant and eternal. If only humanity could love God back in a similar fashion. In spite of humanity’s failure to be steadfast in anything besides sin, God is not deterred in His love and faithfulness.

I think the psalmist mention the need for praise so much because they know we will not be steadfast in giving it. We complain and find fault with each other and with God. We are hot and cold and mostly lukewarm. So, on the occasions we are hot in our faith we need to be reminded to praise God.

Task for Today: Our task is to do as the psalmist advised. Every day that we are aware of the steadfast love of God we should praise Him. Have you praised Him yet today? Not too late. Do it now. Tell God and also tell the world.

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