Psalm 116:15

“Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints.” (Psalm 116:15)

You will not attend many funerals before you hear this verse of the Psalms quoted. It is a verse that has brought much comfort to those who lose a loved one to death. It only has meaning if the one who died is a saint, but we usually opt for the assurance that they are. I’m pretty sure that I’ve not attended a funeral in years in which that matter was up for debate. But the fact that we who are left behind elevate the one dying to sainthood does not negate the powerful truth of this verse.

Think about how most parents are anxious for the birth of their child or children. They’ve been waiting for months, maybe even longer for the blessed moment. They will finally be able to touch their child, talk to their child, hold and love their child. They will have the pleasure of seeing the child smile and maybe even laugh. They will, at last, be close. Close in proximity and even closer in heart.

Isn’t God our Father in the spiritual sense if we are indeed one of His saints? Yes, we are His children, and He also longs to have us in His home where He can touch us and talk to us and hold us and love us. He awaits us in joyous anticipation. When we leave this world we have taken a major step towards the other one; the one where God is waiting. Our death is precious in the sight of God and our Savior because we will, at last, be together in one place forever.

Task for Today: It’s rather easy and expected. God does not desire that anyone perish which is why he sent Jesus to the cross. Want to be precious when you die? Be a saint. Let God set you apart from the world and make you His own child. Surrender your earthly self for a spiritual self. Be born again so that your death will be precious.

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