Psalm 105:1

“Oh give thanks to the Lord; call upon his name; make known his deeds among the peoples!” (Psalm 105:1)

Psalm 105 does exactly what the first verse suggests. It makes known God’s deed among the nation of Israel. Psalm 106 contains more of the same. There are three things suggested to the people of Israel in this verse, and we want to examine each one of them and ask the question, “Can this verse apply to the peoples of God today?”

First, there is the suggestion that the nation give thanks to God for the many deeds He has done for them. The rest of the psalm, as we have suggested, list many of those deeds. The reader does not have to ponder what to thank God for. Could we make such a list today? Have we in fact made such a list?

Second, there is the suggestion that the nation should call upon the name of God. When you consider all the things God had done for them since they were in slavery in Egypt, it would seem strange if they called upon anyone else. Yet, that is exactly what they did. They enjoyed the blessings of God and worshiped idols. They ate God’s food, felt secure in His protection and ignored Him as their God. Their only hope the psalmist believes is to remember all He had done and call upon Him for whatever they needed. Who are we calling on?

Third, there is the suggestion that the nation tell others about what God had done for them. The best way to thank God or to acknowledge God is to share Him with someone else. When they could have been sharing this wonderful God with others, they jealously kept Him to themselves. They did not really want God, but they didn’t want others to have Him either. Reminds you of the behavior of two-year-olds doesn’t it?

Task for Today: Bet you are already ahead of me. Today, give thanks to God for what He has done for you personally. In doubt? Make a list. Better get a lot of paper. Today, call upon Him for your personal needs. Call upon Him to acknowledge His very presence in your life and world. Today, tell someone or someones about what is on your list. Make sure others know how great is your God.

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