Psalm 103:1

“Bless the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me, bless his holy name!” (Psalm 103:1)\

This is reportedly a song of David. It makes sense since he was a champion of praising God and giving Him honor. The psalm itself is filled with evidence of why God is to be blessed. Verse after verse extols the benefits of being God’s child. Over and over David lists the things God does for His people.

High on that list is God’s mercy which leads to the forgiveness of transgressions against Him. God is so compassionate for His children that He remembers that they are mortal and sinners and takes their sins far away.

God is to be blessed because His love is steadfast and goes from everlasting to everlasting. Even though His people stray and disobey, God is true to His word. He does not repay us according to our iniquities but repays us according to His great love. He forgives all of our iniquity crowning our lives with love and mercy beyond our comprehension.

Task for Today: Stop every so often and think of this psalm. Morning, noon, and evening take a moment just to bless the Lord. Bless Him with your entire being including your soul. He deserves your praise while you deserve nothing but you get everything.


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