Psalm 99:8

“O Lord our God, you answered them; you were a forgiving God to them, but an avenger of their wrongdoings.” (Psalm 99:8)

The psalmist is referring to Moses, Aaron, Samuel, and others who called upon the Lord. He is referring mainly to Israel as Israel is the heart of the reference in the Psalms. But we know that this is the truth of God in His dealings with mankind in general. From the beginning, God desired a friendly, loving relationship with mankind. That relationship was built on trust. When man trusted God and sought Him, he was a forgiving God, but when man rebelled against God choosing other gods, then man came under the revenge of God.

This is a good place to think about God’s overall purpose for the human race. Contrary to the belief of a great many God is not about hate and vengeance. Students look at the Old Testament Law and see all the don’ts. They focus on the negatives and feel that God is just looking for an excuse to send mankind to hell. In doing this, they misread who God is and what God is about. God’s purpose for man is that man dwell with Him in a loving relationship. “God is not willing that any should perish.” God wants all men to be saved, and if men will give themselves to God in repentance, He will save them. God loved the world (mankind) so much that He came to earth to pay men’s debt to Himself. It is the central thought of the gospel.

Task for Today: Be reminded today that God answers your prayers for forgiveness. He is a forgiving God and wants to forgive you. Bring your sinful life to God, he will receive you and take away your sin. Believe in Him as savior, repent of your own sins, confess His name to the world and submit to a burial in water which symbolizes the death of Jesus for the forgiveness of sins.

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