Commentary on Psalm 42:2

“My soul thirst for God, for the living God…” (Psalm 42:2)

Imagine being so thirsty for water that you can think of nothing else. This is the view of the Psalmist. In the first verse, he describes himself as panting. This is a desperate need for the water of life. The water that Jesus said could be ours if we drank of Him.

This is not thirst for a God. Not thirst for something to worship. There is plenty of that in our world, isn’t there. People who have to have the next thing. Wanting more and more until it consumes them and becomes a dry well that can never be satisfied. Jesus offers the cure for thirst.

Paul drank from that flowing stream that living water and he was able to say, “I’ve learned to be content.” How many in our church, town, country, are content. We overeat, we overbuy, we overuse, and we can’t get enough. We cannot stop and count what we already have because our eyes are on something else.

Our soul thirst but not for God. There are a multiplicity of things we thirst for, and that is our problem. So many that the thirst for God is forgotten or put aside. We think we can be satisfied with water from the world and we cannot. It is a temporary fix. Thirst will come again, and again and we will never be completely satisfied.

Task for Today: Are you thirsty for God? Remove the other rivers and wells and drink only from the fountain from above. Seek Jesus and His living water. Drink and be satisfied.

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