Psalm 21

“Be exalted, O Lord, in your strength! We will sing and praise your power.” (Psalm 21:13)

This is a song of King David relating his praise for the strength of his God who has answered the prayers of the king. There are several psalms which focus on the royalty of the kings of Israel. This psalm notes the foolishness of those who plot against God and how God will banish all of His enemies.

Christians need to sing songs of exaltation more than they do. We too, like David, need to recognize the power of God in dealing with the enemies the church faces. It is still true that our God will swallow them up and consume them in fire. Everything and everyone that are evil will be caught up in the wrath of God at the end. There will be no escape. Praise God, evil cannot and will not win. The power of Satan has been destroyed by the Son of God, and the evil one has no dominion over us. It is God the Almighty who rules, and He will rescue His people from the grasp of Satan.

We do indeed prise God’s power. In a world in which it seems evil is winning, we must keep in mind that God is in charge. He holds the trump card and when the last card is played God will win the hand. His power is absolute, and nothing can stand against it. Hold to His hand and victory will be yours.

Task for Today: Sing a song of praise for the power and strength of God. Sing a song exalting God as the most powerful being in and beyond the universe. Praise Him for His faithfulness to deliver you from the evil one. Have no fears today. God is in control.

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