Psalm 20

“Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God.” (Psalm 20:7)

Chariots and horses are weapons of war. Thus some believe the answer to problems is to wage war; either offensively or defensively. The world’s problems and thus our problems will not be solved by weapons of hurt and destruction.

We should be able to substitute our own weapons into the verse. What do you trust in if not in God? Do you trust in money and wealth? Do you trust in possessions and things? Are you trusting in your own plans and efforts? All around us people are finding things to put their trust in and for a lot of the world it isn’t God.

Not all the possessions in the world nor all the money in the banks can save you from calamity. Those things will not see you through the storms or through despair. Things we trust in, our own personal idols, will not save us from calamity or death and will certainly not overcome death.

There is only one thing that has power over all the earth, and every evil thing including death itself and that one thing is the Lord our God. He is the only trustworthy source in the universe, and when all the things of this world are gone, He will still be here ready to save us from the enemy.

Task for Today: Forget the chariots and horses of this present world. Whatever you have been putting your trust in, stop. Turn to the Lord God and put your trust in Him. He will never let you down, and nothing will ever overcome you. You can and should trust in God.


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