Psalm 17

“Keep me as the apple of your eye; hide me in the shadow of your wings,” (Psalm 17:8)

Perhaps you have been called the apple of someone’s eye, like your grandmother or grandfather. Maybe you have a special aunt who considers you as if you were her only begotten child. Associated with this idea are privilege and spoiling. To be the apple of another’s eye is to move up to the number one position of favor. It is certainly a cherished position to have.

The psalmist realizes that he has that position and doesn’t want to lose it. What a glorious thought that you could be God’s favorite. The apple of God’s eye has every possible privilege and is certainly going to get all the good stuff. Keep me there, the psalmist pleads. Think about it. As the apple of God’s eye, I can have all He has, all His blessings. Those who do not find His favor are on their own in a cruel and evil world.

 Birds, especially domesticated fowl, hide their young under their wings. As a boy growing up, we had chickens that ran loose around our yard during the daytime. Occasionally, a hawk would appear over the bare yard. A quick clucking from momma and all the little chicks would run up next to her. She would spread her wings and slowly bring them under her. Since she was too large for the hawk, the chicks were saved.

A well-known image to the psalmist. He sees God as his protector in the same way a baby chick would. The wings of God are large and strong, and evil cannot penetrate them. Those who are the apple of God’s eye may find safety under His wings.

Task for Today: If you want the safety of God’s wings then make sure you are the apple of His eye. God, like mother fowl, protect their children. Are you a child of God? Make sure of that today. Don’t wait for we know not when the hawk may come. Live your life as a “well done faithful servant” that you may inherit eternal life.

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