Psalm 18

“In my distress, I called upon the Lord, to my God I cried for help. From his temple, he heard my voice, and my cry to him reached his ears.” (Psalm 18:6)

What wonderful thoughts for mortal man to contemplate. Surely we will all one day be overcome with distress. What a terrible thought for mortal man to discover he has no one to call to help. Imagine trying to walk through this world of hardships and difficulties with no real help. We see the work of emergency responders all around us. We know how valuable they are to us in the physical realm. Imagine living in a large metro-area with no emergency responders. Even more sobering is the thought of facing the spiritual world without resources.

If we call the fire department we trust they will come. Same is true for law enforcement and EMTs. We trust them to come to our aid. Who is so dependable when we have an emotional-spiritual crisis?

Who do we call when we are distressed or stressed in mind and soul? Who can really understand our problem? No one on this earth that is for sure. Yes, they may pray for us or counsel us. They may even say they know, but we know they don’t. The old spiritual is right, “Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen, nobody but Jesus.”

One thing is for sure, God is always listening to His faithful saints. We have direct access to His Holy Place. Our cry will not float out into empty space but will be heard. God will hear, and because of His great love, He will answer.

Task for Today: Make sure your communication lines are open to the temple of God. May I remind you that He is always home by the listening post. The only way He will not answer is if we don’t ask. The only break in communication with God is on our end. Speak oft with your God.

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