Psalm 15

“O Lord, who shall sojourn in your tent? Who shall dwell in your holy hill?” (Psalm 15:1)

This is not a question without an answer, in fact, the poser of the question knows the answer. He just wants the reader or singer of the psalm to think it through. Perhaps it is even a rhetorical question to set up the answer. Either way, it is a good question to ponder.

Two separate words and two separate destinations are involved. First, there is the thought of sojourning. This is not a word denoting permanent living. We can see that because the object of the sojourning is a tent. Tents are only temporary structures and never denote permanence. Second, there is the thought of dwelling. This is a word denoting permanent living. We can see that as well by the object in mind, a holy hill, which is a permanent place.

There is a journey going on here. The end of the journey is a final resting place where the traveler can abide. A question not mentioned but one which must be asked is can one dwell in the holy hill if he has not sojourned in the tent? I think that is an important question and one which each of us needs to think seriously about.

What is the goal of your personal journey? Do you think you can reach your goal without taking the road that leads there? All roads may lead to Rome, but not all roads end at our personal goal. There is a path that takes us to a goal. There are many paths, but they may not and probably don’t lead us to the one goal we seek.

Task for Today: If your goal is to dwell in God’s holy hill then I ask if you are currently sojourning in His tent? Do you walk with Him along the way? Are you walking in His light and His path? Do not try to walk with Satan on earth and dwell with God in heaven. Check your tent.


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