Whose Voice is That?

“This persuasion is not from him who calls you.” (Gal. 5:8)

Here is the obedience with persuasion theme again. Verse 8 is following right on the footfalls of verse 7. Some translations say “This kind of persuasion.” Either way, we understand Paul’s point. The persuasion the Galatians were getting to follow the law as well as Jesus was not coming from God. God was persuading them to obey the truth but not this untruth they were hearing from the Judaizing persuaders.

Good to be reminded occasionally who was and is doing the calling. The true gospel called them to follow Christ and that call was from God. This new call to obey the law was not from God but from false teachers who were taking away the Galatians’ liberty in Christ by substituting the truth with misrepresentation.

We might stop at this point and ask ourselves, “Who called us?” There are many calls falling on our ears but which call did we hear and answer when we obeyed the true gospel from our hearts? Have we forgotten amid all the voices calling us now? The siren songs of the world play loud in our ears and often override the gentle voice of Jesus who is softly calling, “Sinner, come home.”

God speaks to us in that still small voice and the Devil screams in our ears. The din of the world persuades us to follow it and enjoy its pleasures. It’s hard to stay on track on the track, isn’t it? It’s even worse when we allow our race to run through the middle of Satan’s distractions. We forget to avoid the very appearance of evil and find ourselves standing too close to the flame. A sure way to get burned.

As we run the race who is cheering us on? Who are our friends, our helpers? Are they cheering or jeering? Evil companions can run our race just like evil activities. Who is your running partner? Is it someone with skin or someone with spirit?

Task for Today: More than ever choose the right race partner. Keep your eye on the prize less you deviate from the course. Buffet your body, like Paul, keep it under the subjection of the Holy Spirit and so run the race with confidence. Keep the image of Jesus sharp and don’t let the obstacles of Satan lessen your focus.

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