Faith Working in Love

“For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision nor uncircumcision counts for anything, but only faith working through love.” (Gal. 5:6)

Circumcision was an act of the flesh which set a person aside as a part of the covenant but the covenant was no longer. God made a new covenant which was not of flesh but of the heart. It had been prophesied that such a covenant would come and now the sign of the flesh was no longer needed. It was a health measure that could or couldn’t be performed but as a sign of covenant, it no longer counted for anything.

Circumcision was replaced by faith that worked through love. The Judaizers missed this. They were still looking at a code of law reflected in fleshly deeds rather than trusting faith. One was an eye for an eye and the other was just forgiveness based on grace.

Faith that works. Faith that does. Look again at the list in Hebrews, “By faith …..”. This faith was further fueled by love. The law could not match it and neither works of the law whether the Mosaic law or a New Testament law.

Of course, there is no New Testament law because the New Testament covenant is one of grace based on faith working through love. God’s part of salvation is expressed in grace. What a powerful part it was. Who expected God to die for us and bear our sins? It is unthinkable and the only response is faith working through love.

Task for Today: Want to count for something? Leave works like circumcision behind. They are a part of captivity and belong to a rejected code. Begin works of faith that are performed because of the great love you have for God not because you think they will gain you something. They won’t because if they did you would not need grace and believe me you need grace. It is the reason you are saved. We are saved by works not by deeds of the law.

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