As you noticed yesterday and again today we have temporarily left the book of Ephesians, just when we were about to finish it. The reason is copyright rights. When God dictated the Bible he did not see the need to copyright it but that is not the case with modern publishers. Every modern version is copyrighted. You can quote it orally without any problems but if you want to use it in a book or a blog you have to have permission. I’m glad Paul and Peter and the others didn’t have that problem.

In the Ephesian blog, I used the New American Standard Version Updated. I like this particular version because it renders the Greek text so well. Other versions read smoother but may not be as close to the original language. I preach and teach from this version even though I consult other versions as well.

According to the copyright page at the front of my copy, this version is copyrighted by The Lockman Foundation who owns and protects all its rights. This page states that the text may be quoted up to 500 verses without permission as long as the 500 verses are not more than 25% of the entire work or do not amount to a complete book.

I was okay with the 500 verses as Ephesians is not that long a book. But, since I was doing a pretty much verse by verse commentary (of sorts) I was about to use the entire book. So I had to stop. I have asked permission to use the book of Ephesians in this blog and in a book, I intend to make from the blog. As soon (and if) permission is granted I will resume the blog and complete the great letter (book) of Ephesus.

Task for Today: You might join me in praying that The Lockman Foundation will see fit for the Word of God to enter the world in a blog and a book without restraint or cost.

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