Outstanding Defense

“Put on the full armor of God, so that you will be able to stand firm against the schemes of the Devil.” (Eph. 6:11)

Let’s work backward on this verse. It comes to a conclusion based on a concept. We’ll start with the conclusion rather than the concept.

One: The Devil is a schemer. He has schemes. It is implied that they are difficult schemes to escape. We know this. We’ve encountered him and his schemes before, haven’t we? He’s a nasty but sly little devil. Tells a lot of truth along with the lies. Has a great paint set and can paint a pretty picture. The Devil can put the glitter of gold on the ugliest of objects. He can make sin look good, not just good but wonderful. We’ll want to look at it and hold it and taste it.

Two: It is possible to resist the Devil. Not easy but possible. Can’t be done alone but possible. The Biblical statement here is “you.” That means you. Weak you, strong you. Young you, old you. Male you, female you. White, black, yellow, red or any combination you. You can stand firm. Not just stand but stand firm. Not just resist but defeat. Firm enough to dislodge him from his earthly throne. Firm enough to completely destroy his plans. So firm that he will turn away in confusion and run. Imagine what this verse is saying to the Ephesian Christians who have been on the front lines fighting the evil of the world. You will be able!

Three: Not by our own strength. Remember the previous verse. In the strength of the Lord. How does that work, we ask and Paul provides the answer. Saul offered his armor to David, but David refused it. He chose to wear the same armor he had used to defeat the lion and the bear. He appeared to his brothers, the Israelites, the king and finally, the giant as a sling throwing shepherd. He knew better. He did not face that warrior in the name of David, King Saul, or even his father, Jesse. He fought under the banner of the Lord, and in so doing he wore the armor of the Lord.

The full armor of God allows us to stand steadfast and to defeat the wily schemes of the Evil Ruler of the Universe. Because God is the Righteous Ruler of the Universe, and Right always trumps wrong and may we not forget that. The only way we can lose our fight against evil in our own lives is to go into the battle unprotected. There is no reason to do that because our Savior has provided every possible weapon of defense necessary to win the battle.

Task for Today: Make no mistake about this one thing. The Devil is out to get you, and he will use any trick or lie no matter how dirty or evil to do it. You might as well fight an angry grizzly bear barehanded as to tackle Satan on your own. Either one will end in disaster. A high powered rifle might help with the grizzly but you need the entire armor of God for the bad guy.

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