“And masters, do the same things to them, and give up threatening, knowing that both their Master and yours is in heaven, and there is no partiality with Him.” (Eph. 6:9)

Here is the instruction for the employers, the bosses, and those who believe they are in charge. Three major points in this verse and all are important to the Christian in his daily walk.

Goodwill: The under person is to render his service with goodwill. How nice that Jesus instructs the over person to do the very same thing. No need to be harsh, to threaten, to beat or to use any other coercion. Not where Christians are concerned. Christians on both sides of the labor equation are responsible for goodwill. Christians are to give mutual respect and mutual submission as to their Lord. The family relationship created in Jesus Christ changes everything.

Masters: The master of the slave and the slave are slaves to one true master, the Lord Jesus Christ. The boss and the worker. The employer and employee. Rich and poor and all men have one true master. That master is in heaven, not on or of this earth. Men are great or small in their own eyes. In His, all are the same. Humankind is forever equal in the site of God. Only in the eyes of mankind are they created equal.

Partiality: Jesus doesn’t choose us based on some quality we have other than faith and obedience. He doesn’t care about our birth, our education, or our status among men. For proof of this check out the twelve men he chose to be his closest companions and students. They were the ones he picked to carry on his work when he was finished on earth. Not exactly a Who’s Who of the Palestinian world. He accepted all who would surrender self and take him as Lord. How does he treat them once they are accepted? He ate with Matthew. Made a little fun of James and John. Forgave Peter, understood Thomas and was saddened by Judas. No one got the right or left-hand seat. Want to be great in the kingdom? Become as humble as a small child. Nothing we can say or do will make Jesus like us more or less. That’s amazing. Jesus loves us good or bad and treats us with the same loving care either way.

A small caveat; that lack of partiality works when we don’t surrender to him.

Task for Today: If you are in a position of authority keep in mind that you are subject to the authority of Jesus. Act in harmony with that fact.

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