Children (1)

“Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right.” (Eph. 6:1)

Disobedience, whether from children to their earthly parents or children to their heavenly parent, is not new. It isn’t new and it isn’t right. It’s not correct in the sense of moral correctness and it’s not correct in the sense of Biblical correctness.

The more we see people stray from the Word of God, the more disobedience we will see. Children are the responsibility of their parents as long as they are under those parents. The major responsibility of the parents is to teach the children the way of the Lord.

The way of the Lord is to be obedient. Here’s the big tragedy, if children do not learn to obey their parents they won’t learn to obey God. Grief will follow disobedience as sure as day follows night. Grief to the parents and then grief to the children.

Children come into this world seeking their own way. They must learn that having their own way is not always possible. In fact, it may be seldom possible. If they cannot be taught obedience in the loving environment of the parents’ realm then they will have to learn in the not so loving environment of the world’s realm. That could become a bitter school.

This admonition is written for children. But how can the parents not see their role in the outcome? Personally, I heard this verse (as well as a few others) on a regular basis. I heard the command of the Lord and it was reinforced by the action of my parents.

All of us are witnesses to disobedient children. Sometimes it’s in the word “no” and sometimes it takes the form of a raised fist. Whatever form it takes, it is a violation of the Word of God if it is allowed to become a way of life.

The obligation to obey is only when the parents are giving Godly instruction. As in all considerations of this type. God does not demand that we obey the voice that is contrary to His will and way.

Task for Today: If you are subject to parents, memorize this verse and put it into practice. If you are a parent with children in your care, memorize this verse and uphold your end of the equation. More about that tomorrow. Children, obey in the Lord. Parents, require obedience in the Lord.

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