Don’t Act the Fool

“So then do not be foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is.” (Eph. 5:17)

So then usually follows some previously stated information. In this case, it began in verse 6 with the words, “Let no one deceive you with empty words…” Paul follows that up with several points to emphasize how faithful saints should walk, using walk as a euphemism for life. He used the ideas of light and darkness and wisdom and foolishness. His fear is that the saints in Ephesus will be led astray by the foolishness of the darkness of a sinful world.

Verse 17 reminds all Christians again that foolish behavior is directly opposite that which is required by God. It is a steady polarization which even the most simple-minded must understand by now. Let’s look at them again, Satan vs God, Darkness vs Light, Foolishness vs Wisdom. This leads me to believe that Paul is now not so much repeating the basis of the polarization as he is reminding them that they need to implement their understanding.

We are tempted to sin and then we do. Why do we do what we know is wrong and acknowledge it to be so ahead of time? It’s not ignorance, is it? We are told over and over how to avoid sin. Don’t yield to temptation, rather flee it. God has provided a door of escape for every temptation thrown at us by the Devil. At movie theaters, the show begins with a warning to find the exits before its too dark to do so. In case of fire, what should we do if in the theater? Duh! Okay, when we encounter temptation what should we do? Stay in our seats or find an exit?

Staying in your seat in a burning theater or in the middle of temptation is foolish. It’s acting the fool. In no stretch of the imagination can failing to understand what God wants from us be considered wise. Understanding what the will of the Lord is is wisdom. Disobeying God is foolish but obeying God is wise.

Remember, the days are evil and full of temptations. Remember that Satan is constantly trying to pull you into the dark side. Participation in evil deeds is the worse kind of foolishness but wisdom is exposing the evil.

Task for Today: No one really wants to be foolish so don’t be. Think about it. You aren’t meant to be foolish so to be foolish you need to choose the foolishness. Work really hard today on finding God’s will for you. Do good deeds today. Help someone today. Shut your ears and close your eyes to the call of the world. Read the Word and Pray for Wisdom.

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