“Therefore be careful how you walk, not as unwise men but as wise,” (Eph. 5:15)

The faithful saints can choose how to walk as well as where. There are, Paul tells them, two ways to walk. One is wise and one is unwise. Because of the polarization of choices the Christian must take great care which way he decides to walk. This wise and foolish choice is not about where at this time but about how. He has already spent considerable time explaining the walk in the light and in the darkness.

Walking with the light is wise. It dispels the darkness around the child of God. It reveals the danger that the darkness hides. One cannot walk with Christ and walk in the darkness at the same time.

Walking without the light is unwise. It is like walking blindly where one is subject to stumbling and falling. One will wind up in the ditch under such guidance. Satan has no light to show you your path.  He is the ruler of darkness and hates the light. He will not allow his followers to possess even the smallest of candles. No, they must walk in total darkness, outer darkness, deep cave darkness. They are like sleepers, in the dark. You cannot walk with Satan and walk in the light at the same time.

Your choice, Paul says. Walk with a light or without, be wise or be foolish. Like the foolish virgins who had no light and were kept out of the feast, those who choose darkness will miss the wedding feast of the Lamb.

This reminds us that in the New Jerusalem there will be no darkness. Nothing will be hidden there. Nothing evil will be allowed there. All will be in the light. No Satan, no evil, no unbelievers and no followers of darkness.

Task for today: Think about your life. How does it reflect your walk? Are you making a wise choice? Today sing, “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine,” and let it.

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