“…therefore do not be partakers with them;” (Eph. 5:7)

In verses, 3-6 Paul has delineated who the faithful saints should avoid. He gives a good reason for Christians to be non-participants, the wrath of God.

The wrath of God is not a popular subject these days. We don’t like a picture of God that involves anger, hate or wrath. We take statements that speak of God as good, and God is love to mean he never gets angry, never takes vengeance or allows his wrath to move him to action against his enemies.

In part, this may come from a desire on our part to separate the God of the New Testament from the God of the Old Testament. There are not two Gods but only one. There is no changing of personality or character with God. He is eternally the same.

The goodness of God and his love for mankind does not prohibit him from punishing man. There is ample evidence of that, beginning with Adam and Eve and going all the way through the New Testament.

Disobedience will be followed by discipline. When the discipline fails to work its way it will be followed by his wrath.

Yes, Virginia, there is a hell, and yes, God will assign those who walk in darkness now to an eternity of darkness.

The faithful saint must not participate in these works of darkness but rather walk in the light of Christ.

Task for Today: Take a look at your participation journal (record). How are you spending your time? With whom do you keep company? If you need to, resign your membership in worldly things and do not participate in them.

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