What Did You Learn?

“But you did not learn Christ in this way,” (Eph. 4:20)

Christians who have been led to Jesus and the saving blood of the lamb are those whose hearts have been softened by the word of God. When one learns from the meek and lowly, the pure and holy, one cannot think in terms of the Gentiles or the Jews who rejected him.

Indeed, all that Jesus taught led to a pure life, a life that honored God and fled from the evil one.  Those of the world trusted in their own reasoning and understanding and wound up in ignorance and darkness. Those who trusted in the teachings of the Holy One of God found a life of vast knowledge of God and the light of his presence.

Jesus taught us to love God and put him first. First before us and before others.

Jesus taught us to obey God and do his will. Do his will rather than our own or the evil one.

Jesus taught us to love others more than ourselves. The Christian is last in line.

Jesus taught us to help others instead of seeing how much we could accumulate for ourselves. He taught that treasures in heaven were worth much more than those on earth.

Jesus taught us to be content with God’s provision. This is a hard saying in a materialistic world.

Jesus taught us to tell the truth and do the truth. Everytime.

Jesus taught us to believe, to trust God in all his promises.

Jesus taught us to pray for ourselves and for others.

Jesus taught us that God loves us beyond our wildest dreams and imaginations and wants to give us every blessing He has.

Jesus taught us not to grow weary but to remain faithful to the end.

Jesus taught us to be thankful for everything, even the trials, and temptations.

Task for today: Look around you and then look at yourself. What can be the real difference in your day to day walk and the rest of the world? What have you learned from Jesus?

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