God Bless America

Many of us grew up singing patriotic songs in school and we felt a close connection between God and America. Not that we had any proof that God cared for America the way he cared for Israel but there was this sense that our nation favored God and he would respond in kind. We pledged allegiance to one nation under God and we stamped our coins “In God we trust.” We had national days of prayer and politician and public figures all spoke of country and God in the same breath.

Today’s America finds itself involved in political/theological tension as to whether we are a nation under God and if we should trust in him at all. The minority of unbelievers are given their way and the majority must remain silent about it. Strange going-on’s for a democracy.  Our schools can teach “no-God” but not mention “true God”. The Godly values that once shaped us as a people have one by one been eroded until we have become a nation of law and dis-order. A gun is now more important than a Bible and my rights more important than the community’s.

Does God bless America? Do we see many signs of those blessings? God never promised to bless America or any other country regardless of how conducted themselves.  The wise man spoke of this when he said, “Righteousness exalts a nation, But sin is a reproach to any people” Proverbs 14:34. When God took the Israelites into the promise land he put them on two hills and explained how his blessings would work. They would have curses or blessings dependent upon their obedience. A righteous people call forth God’s blessings but a people dominated by sin brings only reproach. What happens to a nation that denies the very God they expect blessings from? As a nation, are we honoring God with lips but not with heart? Are the people of God in the USA on fire for him or are they merely lukewarm?

A quick view of the Old Testament will show what happens to nations of the world when they turn to other Gods. Will we be different? I take hope in the case of Sodom. God agreed not to destroy it if just a few righteous people could be found. Those of us who still believe in God must make sure the nation knows we are here and that we believe in God who created the world and the United States of America. The only way America can be great again is for God to exalt it.

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