“Somebody to lean on …”

We are engaged in a war, a war for our soul. We fight an enemy we cannot see and we have a champion whom we also cannot see. In this sense, we are fighting a war by faith.

We believe the enemy is real and we believe that by faith. Often our faith in that regard is very strong. We also believe our helper is real and we believe that by faith. Sometimes our faith in that regard turns weak. The attacks of the evil one can be so devastating that we are left wounded and uncertain. We are like the man questioned by Jesus about his faith. Mark 9:24 records his response, “I do believe; help my unbelief.”

John R. Wreford, in his wonderful hymn, “When My Love for God Grows Weak”, reminds us that our faith is not always on the mountain top. Sometimes we need it deeper and stronger. Remember these two lines, “When for deeper faith I seek,” and “When for stronger faith I seek,”? He suggests going to the garden and the hill and they both can be a source of strength. Today, I want to suggest another source for greater faith that is not hampered by a lack of faith. It is a source that is ever nearby and available. It is a source that is real and visible.

The truth is, we who are disciples have someone close at hand who can strengthen us. When we are weak they can provide strength. When our faith is wavering, their’s can be steady. The church is somebody to lean on. Do you remember the great song by Bill Withers entitled “Lean On Me”? We all need somebody to lean on is the theme of the song. I especially like the verse that deals with faith. It goes, “Please swallow your pride if I have faith you need to borrow for no one can fill those of your needs that you won’t let show.”

Christians are willing to share their faith. They will lend us all we may need if they know we need it. If we don’t share with one another then we can’t help one another. We need a new song whose words tell us, “When my faith grows weak, to my brother I will speak. When my faith is shallow, from my sister I will borrow. I will swallow my pride with brethren by my side, and tell them I need them to lean on.”

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