Personal Conduct

“Whatever happens,” Paul writes, “conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ.” (Phil. 1:27)

He was discussing a certain situation that could have gone either way so his admonition was act the same which ever way it turns out. There are a lot of positive and negative things in our lives that may have profound influence on what happens next. When negative things come we are apt to groan, complain or act out. 

Consider what Paul is saying. Rather than being shaped by the plus or minus let your behavior be the same. The Christian only has one correct action to the things that occur in his or her life. Our conduct cannot be so wishy-washy that we allow knee jerk reactions to rule our lives. Good or bad, positive or negative, we are members of the body of Christ and must stay on an evil keel.

What do we do with anger? Give a soft answer.

What do we do when hit on the cheek? Turn the other.

What do we do when asked to do our due? Double our do.

How do we treat those who misuse us? Suffer if necessary.

How about those who curse us? Bless them.

What about our enemies? Feed them, do good to them, love them.

People will take advantage of us if we are meek. God will reward us.

We may lose our wealth. Yes, and our lives for the sake of Christ.

What will a day bring? It may bring some good tidings. It may bring some bad news. It may bring success or it may bring failure. We may rejoice or cry but we will not act as the world does. We are not of the world but of Christ. To be worthy of the gospel of Christ is a great challenge. It requires our best behavior.



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