We drove all day yesterday to get home last night. We were both tired and went to bed early. I saw the grass as we pulled into the driveway and knew it had to be mowed as soon as I got up. Just before I got up it must have been raining because the cement patio was wet and water was dripping from the roof. Grace, who had gotten up first, said, “Its raining.” I was not looking forward to cutting grass in the rain but between her announcement and breakfast it stopped.  I waited about an hour hoping the sun would come out and dry it some but no luck.

I mowed the grass without sun on my back  or head and that was good. I wore a hat anyway in case it sprinkled. It didn’t and I finished the entire yard. Meanwhile Grace pulled vines and weeds and stuff and really cleaned things up. We have been gone over two weeks and the vines had taken over. We were both tired so we quit and went on the back porch to rest and enjoy our newly mowed and vine free yard. It was then the rain came. Not sprinkles but a real downpour. We watched it hit the roofs, and drip from the eaves and fall from the trees. It was awesome and just in time.

I thought of something the Psalmist wrote centuries ago. “May he come down like rain upon the mown grass, Like showers that water the earth.” Psalm 72:6. Job gave God credit for watering the earth for bringing the rain and directing the bolts of thunder. Our yard needed watering and God sent the showers. Like many things we need, the rain came right on time. Let me quickly add, it was not on my schedule but Gods. I have to work around his schedule, not the other way around.

I’m only saying that sometimes when things get desperate and we are worried or anxious we might need to remember that the earth has been watered for thousands of years without our help. Its still green. God does things when he thinks its time. He will not leave us or forsake us. He is a presence in time of trouble. He doesn’t water my yard on my schedule nor does he bring rescue the moment I am in trouble. But he will rescue his people and lead them into green grass and slow flowing waters. He will provide and he will answer prayer.  On his schedule.

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