“I have put my hope in your word.” (Psalm 119:81)

The word of God is a light to guide us down the pathway of our life. It leads us through the mazes of life to keep us on the proper road. In a complex and complicated world the word offers simplicity. Why do we insist on stumbling around the dark when God has provide a bright light to shine the way. The Bible is better than Daniel Boones blazes on the trees or Hansel and Gretel’s bread crumbs. There is no question the shortest and quickest way home is the illuminated pathway of God’s Holy word.

The word of God is food for the soul that we may fill our longing for righteousness. Unlike fast food restaurants and quick fix meals the word of God offers real food of substance and high spiritual value. It will not make you fat but will put real meat in your soul. Trying to grow spiritually without the word is an impossibility. Yet many of us pay more attention to physical food than to spiritual. Hardly any casual conversation lasts long without the mention of eating. Would that we were as concerned about the wellness of our spiritual being.

The word of God is a penetrating force that awakens us to the real us. It has the ability to cut through the clutter and sidetracks we use to camouflage our true selves. Often we fool ourselves by comparing ourselves with others. Like the Pharisee who fasted and gave we think we are better than the publicans around us. The word of God cuts through all that smoke and mirrors we have erected and points out the true us. We need to look into God’s mirror, the word, rather than our own.

My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus. Jesus is the word of God made flesh. He is the hope of the world. Oh that our city would hunger and thirst for that word. What  a  difference it would make if we could get our community to live by the very word of God. The question for we Christians, however, is are we showing the way. Is every aspect of community life governed and guided by the word? Is our only hope the word of God? It should be because it is the only possible hope for the salvation of  the world.

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