It’s a new day!

We had breakfast on the back porch today. The air was so clean from last night’s rain. It felt good to take a deep breath. The oak trees lost their bloom of pollen in the heavy rain and the new green leaves were shining in the morning light. Such a beautiful color of green and the trees are large and full. Thank you God.

The peach and pomegranate trees are covered with pink and red blooms and for the first time there is the promise of fruit.  Thank you God.

There are still some roses in bloom and they looked glorious with the water dripping off the buds and blossoms. The  apricot and pink ramblers on the fence were especially colorful and made the scene come alive. Thank you God.

The back yard was filled with the various songs of birds but somehow God turned the different voices into a harmonious choir. It was awesome, God.

The new ferns we purchased were all green and the grass was finally turning green as well. It will look so good when its mowed tomorrow. What a beautiful day. Thank you God.

We had fresh strawberries with our protein bar and Grace made me fresh tea. We enjoyed the paper and did our devotional and participated in the 40 days of prayer. The scriptures were about being filled with the Spirit and how could you not be with the hand of God all around you. Thank you God.

Grace picked a vase full of Belinda’s Dreams, her favorite rose. They are not only beautiful but their fragrance will fill the house with a delicious odor. We have nine of those bushes and they are just fabulous. Thank you God.

This is the day the Lord has made. Grace and I are so glad that we are able to rejoice in it. Yesterday was a dark day in our lives but this morning God reminded us that he is the God of a new day. The light of the world will never leave us in darkness.

Thank you God.

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