The Three Part Plan

God hates sin. God loves man. Man sins. Sins require punishment. Even though God loves man, he hates sin and must punish the sinner. The penalty for sin is death and this death has two parts because man has two parts. The penalty for sin is physical death and spiritual death. Adam sinned so his sin brought the penalty of sin to the whole world. All men must die physically. All men sin, therefore, all men must die spiritually.

Yet God loves man and doesn’t want man to die spiritually. Something had to be done and so God acted. The penalty for sin is death and so someone must die for all the sins of man. No man could do that because every man had to pay for his own sin. Who then could? A man without sin. Where would God find a man without sin since he said that, “all have sinned and fallen short,”? Answer was obvious to God. He couldn’t find such a man and so he decided to come to earth as a man and pay the penalty of sin himself.

This required three things to happen. First, God had to become a man. He did this by being born of a virgin and took the name Jesus. Second, God had to die because he was a man and the penalty was death. He also had to bear the sins of the world in that death to remove the penalty of spiritual death. Third, he had to come back to life to ensure the everlasting life that man would now qualify for. This became the good news of God.

Good news, God becomes a man to die for man and come back to life to bring man with him to eternity. That is good news.

This three fold plan of God was a result of his love which prompted his grace. The grace and thus the love was manifested in the gift of himself in the person of Jesus. Believe in Jesus, accept God’s grace, follow his teaching and the plan will work for you.

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