Unity of Purpose

Christ died to remove the wall between Jew and Gentile. He also died to remove the wall between God and man. In a sense this action could be considered a death to remove the wall between man and man. Jesus and God are one and so great things were accomplished. When people are divided  very little positive takes place.

I saw that last night during the president’s speech. I looked at the aisle separating the two parties and I watched the reaction of those sitting on both sides. As long as I can remember that aisle has been there separating two ideologies. Americans wonder why congress accomplishes so little and the answer is right there isn’t it. It’s a house divided. It is a wall of enmity. No matter which side the president represents the other side becomes obstinate and refuses to cooperate. The county suffers. If the results don’t show the futility of this I don’t know what would.

Since the reformation, churches have been building aisles. Sometimes they are just streets that separate them. Sometimes it miles. The search for the purest doctrine has built so many aisles (walls) that very little of the work of Jesus gets done. The church of our Lord today is a house divided. The world is filled with hate, poverty and lost souls and we argue our doctrinal issues and close our eyes to the bigger problem. Sure, each doctrinal group is doing something about the hate, poverty and lost souls but image what Christians united could accomplish.

The poor, the lost, the downtrodden, the hated, they don’t care which side of the aisle we’re on. By the way, neither does Jesus. He hates walls. He breaks down walls. How he must hate the way we keep building them. We are all about our church instead of all about his. Listen to the question he asks, “Can two walk together unless they be agreed?” Answer, “no”, not if they keep an aisle of disagreement  between them. If Christians can’t destroy the aisle of difference in light of the needs of the world, why would we expect Republicans and Democrats to do it in light of the needs of the country.

I’m beginning to think that “all about me” is the worse sin of all.

One thought on “Unity of Purpose

  1. Good post. I commented to Angie not long ago while on a trip about all the churches we were driving by that were so close together. I said just think what could be accomplished if they all worked together as one.


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