God so loved the world…

Have you thought about the power of the word so? Try finishing these sentences.

He told me a lie, so…

She stole my man, so…

There are hypocrites in church, so…

That man was in jail, so…

My wife/husband was unfaithful, so…

Imagine the following imaginary scene:

Satan: God, have you looked at the world lately?

God: Every minute of every day.

Satan: It’s really bad, you know.

God: Yes, I know.

Satan: No Noah this time, right?

God: I’m sending my own Noah.

Satan: There’s nothing but evil and idolatry down there. Why bother?

God: You are so filled with hate that you cannot see the possibility of good.

Satan: They’ll never change, they respect me more than you.

God: They just need some help.

Satan: You would help them, in spite of the fact they turn their back on you and do all manner of evil things?

God: You wouldn’t understand, it’s not about their behavior, its about my love.

Satan: Your love? You love those sinful wretches?

God: Yes, I love them and because I do I will do something about their condition.

Satan: What will you do?

God: I will go down and rescue them. I will in fact, die for them SO they won’t have to.

Satan: That’s unbelievable.

God: I don’t think so.

For God SO loved the world, he sent his son to die in their place. God SO loved Philip that he took his punishment and paid his price.

If he SO, why don’t we SO?

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