Luke 8:25 “Who then is this, that He commands even the winds and the water, and they obey Him?”

What controls the wind and the water of this earth? Scientist have a long and detailed explanation of how and why natural things do what they do. What scientist lack is a clear understanding of how that explanation came to be in the first place. They know there are basic laws which govern the universe but they don’t know where the laws came from. The reason we know they don’t know is that they can’t control any part of the universe. They can’t harness the winds and make them obey their will. They can’t stop the tides or control the waves. They can predict hurricanes but they can’t call one up.

In the sense of conquering the forces of nature, man has no more expertise in 2017 CE than he did in 2500 BCE. We all know this. Everyone has always known this. We are powerless in the face of nature because we lack the knowledge of how it was created in the first place. When you determine that a thing is an accident, you can’t really explain it, can you. But what if you make it? If you create it can you understand how it works? We would think so.

So, here are some people out in a boat, in the middle of a large lake, in a wind storm which brings dangerous waves, which threaten to swamp the boat and drown the passengers (take a breath).There is nothing that can be done about this situation except worry. No one knows how to stop a wind storm, even to this day. No one knows how to calm an angry body of water, even to this day. The only person that could do these two things is the person who created them. He knows how they work and why they work and since his voice put them into existence, his voice can control them.

Are you in awe? The men in the boat were. “Who is this?” was the question on their mind. Who can do what only the creator can do?

What about your life boat? Enduring any wind, fighting any waves? You can worry. Won’t help but you can do it. You can resign yourself to being swamped and lost, or you could wake Jesus up. I don’t mean that literally, I mean, you can make him aware of your problem. That’s what the men in the boat did. “Aren’t you concerned?” they asked him and he solved the problem. “Where is your faith?” he asked them. Good question.

Where is ours? In science? In luck? In God? I hope you said yours is in God. He made your boat and he can control the sea it sails in. Let him.


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