Luke 5:16, “But Jesus withdrew to a lonely place and prayed.”

Most of us see ourselves as busy people. Few of us feel we have time to waste. Our lives are filled with activities and meetings. We have calendars that are covered up with appointments and smart phones with hourly reminders of what’s next in our schedule. We move from one event to another until the day is  over and then we fall into bed only to worry about all the things we have to do the next day.

In this hustle and bustle, two important beings are left out. The first is God and the second one is ourselves. In a life cram full with things to do and tasks to accomplish we lose  our connection with God as well as with ourselves.

None of us have more goals or more things to do that did Jesus. Talk about busy! Not only did the Savior have a tremendous task to accomplish but the time to accomplish that task was short. If anyone was under time restraints, Jesus was. Everyone wanted to hurry him along. The demands on him and his time were suffocating. What did he do about it? He dealt with both the positive and negate forces that were creating emotional stress and physical strain.

Jesus had he perfect solution to his problem and ours as well. Jesus’ remedy consisted of two parts.  First, he sought out a quiet place. A place without noise or commotion. In our world  today such places are at a premium. All the more reason to find one and make it our own. More than likely, we will need to assist it somewhat by turning off our phones, laptops, radios, TVs and closing the door.

Second, Jesus prayed to God. What you do in the quiet place is as important as being in the quiet place. It is a place where you can talk and listen to God without interruption or interference. It is a place to upload the burdens and cares of your day. It is a time of stress reduction as you can cast it all upon God. It is a place and time where and when you can confess your failures and gather strength to deal with them.

Praying in a quiet place worked for Jesus and it will work for us. Praying in a quiet place will bring healing, renewal and strength. It is life changing, why not give it a try today?


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