Every Christian is a Theologian.

This quote came from R.C. Sproul in his book, Essential Truths of the Christian Faith.

We are to live by the Bible. It is the guide for our spiritual as well as our natural lives. We will be held accountable by God for what the Bible teaches us. We will be held accountable for doing what the Bible tells us to do. Which of course brings up the question, how can one do what the book says if one does not know the book?

All of us, then are theologians to the extent that we have some idea about what we believe the Bible teaches and what we ought to be doing about it. It may be a theology borrowed from another theologian via school, or sermons but when we adapt it to ourselves it becomes our theology. So, the question is not whether we have a theology but whence did we get it?

Another important question is, Is my theology right? Is it sound and firmly grounded on the word of God and not someone’s idea of what God means?

Are you willing to place your faith in professional theologians? May I remind you that they are in constant disagreement. Using them as guides is quite alright but are you checking their work to make sure in your own understanding that they are telling you God’s truth? Guides are not meant to be the final authority, the book is.

Nothing is more important than your immortal soul. Don’t leave it in the hands of another theologian. Study to show yourself approved.


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