The First and Final Word

When God first announced the birth of his only son he also announce his death. The very reason the Word would become a baby in the flesh was the same reason he would have to end his life. God’s relationship with humans was damaged because of the evil one and could not be repaired until the work of the evil one was destroyed. There was only one way to do this. God must experience humanity and defeat Satan in the same humanity. The Word who was God and with God must become the Son who was man and with man.

My wife reminds me that while we experience Advent we shouldn’t forget the reason for the event. Jesus didn’t come just to experience life in a wooden box but to die on a wooden cross. Sweet baby Jesus became a man and because of my sin became a man of sorrows.

Prayer: Dear Father in Heaven, today we thank you for your wonderful Christmas gift. The day your Son was born the world was filled with grace. Help me to remember that the gift wasn’t over until the terrible deed was done.

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