Sacred Reading #3

The next step in our Bible study method is prayer. In lectio divinia prayer is a result of our reading and meditation. We use prayer as a way to respond to what we discovered in our meditation. It allows us to express in words what we have discovered in our heart. It is also the means by which we ask for more guidance and understanding of the text in question.

Mostly, prayer is the opportunity to move what we are feeling into some sort of action. To acknowledge that we understand the implication of what we have been reading and thinking about. Prayer helps us to internalize knowledge and understanding so that when we need it we will be able to use it. Our meditation may bring us to the realization of sin in our life or refresh our memory on how much we have to be thankful for.

Praying from a scripture that has meditated on will strengthen our personal spirit. Confessing to God that we now understand may clear up some doubt we have been harboring. Prayer in this instance is the means by which we move understanding to obedience. Prayer is just a way of talking to God about what he has been saying to us through his word. It creates a two way conversation between Father and child. As you develop your personal understanding of some passage of the word go to God in prayer and tell him thank you for his personal message to you and then promise to put his message into action.

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