Why Do You Believe What You Believe?

This is for those who call themselves Christians.

Make a list of the primary things you believe as a Christian. Now, using your Bible find each of those things in the written word. Many of the things we consider to be in the Bible are actually traditions that we have internalize from years of church going and hearing others explain what the Bible says.

Traditions are not necessarily bad things within themselves. They can be harmful though when we substitute them for real Biblical texts. What we learn in our church or Bible class is often resourced from the penmanship of man. Class material, sermons, songs, all of these make up our resources for learning about our ‘religion’. But the majority of them have one thing in common, they are the product of a human being not a divine being.

The real problem of this is not that they might be in error but that most of us don’t bother to see if they are or if they aren’t. We just accept them because the person presenting them is an authority on the subject. The truth is that there are no authorities on God but God. That’s the very reason God put his message in his book.

From time to time we need to forget the authorities we’ve been listening to and check out God’s point of view. We may discover that some of the things we’ve been holding as truth or in fact tradition and not in the Bible at all. I challenge you today to do some checking. It won’t take long. Just write down, “I’ve been taught …..” Then find what you’ve been taught in the Bible. With modern search engines it will take a matter of seconds. It’s either in the book or it’s not. Let me know what you found out.

Philip Dampier




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