Comments on Verses from Prophets


Malachi 1:2 “’I have loved you,’ says the LORD. But you say, ‘How have you loved us?’ “Is not Esau Jacob’s brother?’ declares the LORD. ‘Yet I have loved Jacob but Esau I have hated. I have laid waste his hill country and left his heritage to jackals of the desert,”

Malachi is a book of questions and answers. These questions and answers are designed to teach Israel what is wrong with their relationship with God and how to repair it. It begins with a reaffirming of God’s love for Israel and His feelings for their neighbors. Despite the love of God for Israel, they are in danger of punishment because they have not done what is right. Their actions reflect a disdain for God and for His law. Malachi is offering a warning which will include a way to get things right with God. What God wants and what they offer are not the same and they feign ignorance by arguing with God. “But you say…” is their response to a question.

The people of God today have left God in the same way Israel left Him. They go through the motions but their hearts are not really in it. Their offerings were half-hearted and blemished. Too many of their leaders were insincere in their offerings and practices. “How have we…” is their response to all of God’s charges.

If we are following God’s commands, and serving Him with sincere love, and putting Him first in our commitments we will not be asking God “How have we done this or that?” We won’t be questioning our relationship because we will know that it is a good one. Just like Israel, God loves us and saves us from our enemies. Look at your life as a Christian and you will not be saying “How have you loved me?”

Task for Today: Don’t go down this “How have you…” road. Live by walking in the way and not wandering off into some foreign land. Beginning with this first accept the love God has for you and live in that love. Return that love, today, in all that you do. Order your life every day by acknowledging that love. Before the day ends, take time to count your blessings. As they pile up so will your appreciation for the love of God.

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