Comments on Verses from Prophets

Micah 4:4 “but they shall sit every man under his vine and under his fig tree and no one shall make them afraid, for the mouth of the LORD of hosts has spoken.”

What a beautiful picture. Words spoken to a land always in turmoil, always at war with other lands or with forces of nature. People cried peace but peace did not exist and would not exist as long as the people were disobedient and false to God. But Micah is speaking of the latter days, the days of rebirth and return. He is talking about the time the LORD’s house will be established and nations will come to it. Micah foresees a change in things once the Messiah has appeared and taken His rightful place a leader of Israel. Micah tells of the days that the future David will sit on His throne and the lamb and lion will be friends.

We recently moved to a senior living development. Almost no traffic and only an occasional visit by the lawn service spoils the quiet. This morning we sat under our crepe myrtle tree with birds for company. I felt the promise of Micah. That’s not what Micah had in mind of course but you get the point. He was saying the Messiah will bring true peace. He portrays what it will be like by using the quiet shade of a vineyard or fig grove. Out of the sun or withering wind the future would provide peace and quiet from noise and war.

This is what the kingdom of God brings to the Christian. Christians have joined the people of God on the mountain and all their enemies are vanquished. God provides them shade just like He did Jonah only this time there will be no worm. What did Jesus promise? He promised His peace. Not just peace but His peace. God calls you to come home to His fig tree and sit without fear. Without fear!

Task for Today: If you haven’t claimed this fearless tree do so today. Jesus doesn’t whisper peace, He announces it, proclaims it, offers it. Is it peaceful where you’re sitting? I would lend you my bench and shade but it would be temporary. Better if you claim the peace of Jesus. Come, Come today. Become a follower of Jesus and tell the turmoil of the world goodbye.

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