Comments on Verses from Prophets

35:5-10 “Then the eyes of the blind shall be opened, and ears of the deaf unstopped;…”

Even in the midst of doom and destruction, the prophet sees redemption ahead. All is not lost because of the glory of God. There will be salvation, and the salvation will be marvelous. Sin holds sway in the land, but God will redeem His people. He will pay the ransom price, and all good things that have been promised will come to pass.

This passage is one of the great messianic promises. In one way, it will be a visual sign and, in another, a spiritual one. It is so descriptive of a better time in the future for the people of God. The Messiah would come, and the world would change. His words and actions would precede the coming of a new age.

So, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John tell about the days when some of these actions occurred. We love the stories of physical healing because they seem so concrete, but the rest of the story is just as real. The picture of a highway for the true believers, the safety of the walkers, and the everlasting joy and gladness are as real as the spittle and clay. The opening of natural eyes was something, but the opening of spiritual eyes was the true miracle.

Task for Today: Do not stop your marveling at the physical changes Jesus brought. A great spiritual war was fought, and Jesus won a victory for you. He paid the stated ransom and redeemed your soul. This is important. Jesus redeemed your soul. Yes, He brought sight and sound, calmed storms, cast out demons, and raised the dead, but my friends, you will miss the import of His mission if you fail to see your sins fall away in baptism by the power of the blood of the crucified savior.

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