Hebrews 12:21

“Indeed, so terrifying was the sight that Moses said, “I tremble with fear.”

The writer is trying to impress his audience with the awesomeness of the encounter with God at Sinai so that he can compare it with the Christians encounter with Jesus at the cross. Moses, who had been at the burning bush and through plague after plague, seasoned as he was with meeting with God, trembled at the base of the mountain.

If Moses trembled, think about the people who had not been dealing with God in a personal way prior to this. Moses was their go-between and he was terrified to go up before God. Contrast that with Jesus, who is our go-between. He went willingly to the mountain top and took the cross without fear of the ruler of the universe.

Task for Today: You are not at old Sinai with thunder and fire. You kneel at the cross where the blood of Jesus flowed to cleanse your sins. You must not be afraid of God because your go-between was not. He boldly went ahead of you to the throne and said, “Follow me.” So, do it. Follow Jesus into heaven. No fear, no trembling, just joy at your redemption.

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