Hebrews 12:12

“Therefore lift your drooping hands and strengthen your weak knees,”

We cannot allow tough times to slow us down or get us off track. We are surrounded by a great crowd of witnesses, and the world is watching us as well. We must fight through the discipline that we can win a crown of righteousness. The Christian walk is not a short one any more than it is an easy one. It’s easy to give up, to say I can’t do it. That would be true if you were doing it alone, but you’re not. God, Christ, the Holy Spirit, and the church are on your side. All reach out to encourage you and equip you.

We need to remember all the people of God who went before us, facing terrible foes under insurmountable odds. We need to remember not the difficulty, but the victory. Whatever stood against them, God gave them the power to overcome.

Task for Today: God will give you the victory today as well. If you use God as your defense, you will never be on the losing side. If you let God lift you up and strengthen your knees.

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