Hebrews 12:6

“For the Lord disciplines, the one he loves, and chastises every son whom he receives.”

The subject of discipline and direction continues. This verse reminds us why there might be discipline or direction in our lives coming from God. This concept is true: children need a tutor. Every child needs discipline and direction if he/she is going to be a contributing part of society.

This discipline and direction are not from anger; it is not the result of wrath. It comes from love. We need to let that sink in. God does not want us to go our own way without guidance because He loves us. It is what loving parents do for their children.

Perhaps most of us have observed a child who was never disciplined or given proper chastisement. No doubt, we concluded that we did not want to spend much time with that person. In society, we see the results of children who were raised without the discipline of a father. We would not want that for our own children. God does not want it for us.

Task for Today: Rejoice in your God sent discipline or direction. It is a sure sign that you are loved by God. What a blessing to know that you will be steered in the correct direction to be able to live in the house of God.

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