Hebrews 11:11

By faith Sarah herself received power to conceive, even when she was past the age, since she considered him faithful who had promised.”

It is amazing what God does in the lives of those who trust Him. The impossible becomes possible with no other tool but faith. Jesus wasn’t kidding when He said faith could move mountains. Who knows how many things the disciples lost out on because their faith was so small. Here we have a woman who was unable to conceive a child during her fertile years suddenly blessed with a child long after she was physically capable. Why didn’t God act when she was younger? Think how powerful this lesson was that Sarah could do something through faith that was denied her naturally.

What was the key to this marvelous gift? She believed that God would keep His word. She accepted the impossible as fact without any evidence except God’s promise. We must be careful not to live in the natural world to the point that we are blind to the gifts of God. At first, she had trouble believing it because it wasn’t natural, but her faith led her to accept that God is in charge of the natural world and can bend its rules.

Task for Today: You live in the natural world, but do you believe that it is the only world? Have you grown so used to the physical that you have lost sight of the spiritual? Your faith can bridge the gap between the two. Today, remind yourself that God is in charge of both worlds, and He who makes the rules can change them at will. Jesus demonstrated this over and over so that you can believe. Blind people saw, lame people walked, and the dead came to life. Trust God, believe that He is God, and nothing is impossible for Him to do.

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